About us

We are the Rhino Camper family exploring the world in our Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 campervan called ‘Rhino’. After our twin boys named our camper Rhino it sparked our interest in the conservation, illegal horn trade, poaching, loss of habitat and the reasons for the crazy consumer demand in Asia driving the market prices for rhino horn ever higher.

During a recent stopover in Spain we had two very unique rhino`s painted on our van.

Since having the `Charging Rhino‘ and `Rhino Cow and Calf` painted on the camper there has been so much interest in our van everywhere we go. It gave us a crazy idea.

Allow people around the world to write their name on our van in support of Save the Rhino!

Sign our Van in Support of Save the Rhino and follow our travel adventures!

We want you to sign our van with your name, donate a little cash for savetherhino.org through our Just Giving fundraising page and enjoy being part of our adventure.

It is easy, just mail us or message us in any format you desire with a photo or a tag, sign or type and we will transfer it onto the camper. Find Rhino Camper on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, Instagram, You Tube and Just Giving.

Get your sign to us anyway you like and we will make it happen.